DIPS speaking at HEALTH 2.0 in Barcelona


DIPS speaking at HEALTH 2.0 in Barcelona

This week DIPS have the opportunity to share some of our thoughts about the future of European e-Health at Health 2.0 in Barcelona.


Karl Arne Jespersen speaking from stage

Photo: Sales Director Karl Arne Jespersen shares thoughts on stage at HIMSS in Sitges 29.June


This year is special for DIPS as our customer, Sykehuset Østfold, will be presented with a diploma as a proof of the hospital reaching a level six score on the EMR adoption model (EMRAM). Sykehuset Østfold is together with Århus universitetssykehus currently the only two hospitals with EMRAM, out of six hospitals in the Nordics. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sykehuset Østfold with a job well done. For many years now the hospital has worked systematically on innovation and to get new technology in production in their new hospital.

Sykehuset Østfold shows by example what we think is the right approach to e-health in the future: The acknowledgment  that no single system can solve all problems alone. They also show that innovation is only of great value if taken into a full-scale production.

We think that future ehealth solutions should be developed to coexist with other systems, not only through sophisticated integrations, but through technologies and open international standards that enable systems to work seamlessly together. We should realize that the customers are the rightful owners of “their” data, not us as a vendor.

A few months ago, after a development period of 7 years, DIPS launched our 3. gen EHR, DIPS Arena. DIPS Arena is a total rebuild developed on OpenEHR, a fully open international standard.

When we started working with OpenEHR there were not many vendors or clients talking about this technology.  Now things have changed. It is great to see that many vendors in the Nordics and Europe are showing interest and have started working with OpenEHR. But it is even more important that the organizations running the hospitals acknowledge the importance of international standards like OpenEHR.

A platform based on OpenEHR is also a good enabler for innovation and research. We all see many examples of great innovations in the ehealth industry, often from enthusiastic startups, but innovations are worth nothing if they are not in real production. 


Karl Arne Jespersen

Sales Director in DIPS


If you want to have more information about DIPS you can contact Sales Director Karl Arne Jespersen kaj@dips.no