Career opportunities

DIPS AS is developing new groundbreaking solutions for areas of hospital operation, and we see great market opportunities for our solutions both in Norway and abroad.


Sykepleier som utvikler

Our skilled employees use the newest tools and methods to develop the eHealth systems of the future, and we know that they are proud of being able to improve the health care industry. DIPS has a modern user interface that can be easily adapted by the different users in clinics.

As an employee of DIPS you are working to develop new innovative products that will enable efficient health care and make a difference for both users and patients. DIPS has over 150,000 daily users and is one of Norway's most commonly used computer systems. At DIPS AS, we adapt working conditions to suit our employees, and a high level of job satisfaction is important for us. The company's staff turnover is low, and our employees are highly satisfied with both the welfare aspects and the professional challenges of their jobs.