DIPS Consulting

Well-informed and updated healthcare workers are a vital resource at a hospital, and it is important that personnel are familiar with the different needs and adaptations at their own hospital. 

Konsulent i DIPS

Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities and through our many customer relationships we have established a unique and extensive expertise in many health related areas. No other vendor can demonstrate a similar experience platform in relation to implementation projects, change management, conversion and training of staff in the implementation and use of EHR.


We offer services in the following areas:

  1. Consultancy

    The section consists of consultants with health education and experience in the hospital sector.
  2. Interaction and Integration

    The section consists of both technical advisers and consultants with health education and experience in the hospital sector
  3. Database

    The section
    consists of technical consultants and system developers who provide services related to the operation and maintenance of DIPS EPR / PAS, application servers and databases, as well as various types of data conversion



DIPS ASA and Deloitte has worked closely since 2002.

DIPS and Deloitte has delivered implementation services by entries in hospitals in the north, south, east and west. Through Deloitte we have extended assistance in areas such as project management, communication, training, testing, management and benefits realization

Costumers about DIPS Consulting:

"DIPS' and Deloitte projects are implemented on time and with a quality and cost that is predictable for health authorities."


"We have had very little problems with the conversion, in spite the enormous amounts of data that we've moved on."

"A thrilling sprint has led Telemark Hospital HF and Bethanien Hospital to use DIPS in record time."