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Our skilled staff who are in the top front of developing DIPS as todays and tomorrows most functional  hospital information system (HIS) includes several medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers. Through a close cooperation during the design and development work we are able to provide the best solutions for the whole hospital set of users, from the clinical specialist to the administrative reporting staff.

The DIPS HIS (hospital information system) is an totally integrated software package covering the main areas for the hospitals central systems. The core is the EHR/PAS where all information is stored in a structured database supporting also the other elements of the platform like operation theater, booking, medication and integration services.

DIPS EHR/PAS is an open, secure, structured and modern Electronic Healthcare Record for the world's most advanced health care services. The system is a digital revolution for doctors, nurses and office workers. In DIPS the patient record is available all the time, all necessary and important information are easily and quickly are accessed. This simplifies the everyday life for the hospital staff and facilitate major quality related benefits for the treatment of patients as well as the individual employee. We place significant demands on usability, functionality and safety. User participation is a very important factor in the development of our systems. We work closely with our clients to design and continually develop systems that are adapted to all the users needs.


Total integrated patient record system

The DIPS EHR/PAS system is a total integrated patient record system for health trusts within; somatic medicine, psychiatry, treatment for drug and alcohol addiction and rehabilitation, and covers the areas from acute emergency care through outpatients to long time care.

The functionality covers among others the areas:

  • Structured patient health records
  • Medication and prescriptions
  • Decision support
  • Resource booking and planning
  • Workflows
  • Operating theatre and intensive care
  • Multimedia
  • Laboratory systems and radiology information systems
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