Over 200 systems are integrated with our solutions


Norway has the most stringent legislation in the world governing privacy protection, tough interoperability requirements from a publicly funded health service and a challenging geography with patients often having to travel long distances to receive specialized healthcare.

Samtale sykepleiere med nettbrett

Under these conditions, a high quality, functional and safe system is the key to providing good health care to patients.  Healthcare personnel often have to integrate information from several systems to get the full picture of the patient’s medical history. DIPS has developed both the technology and the experience necessary to integrate the information from these systems, reducing the workload on the users as well as reducing the risk for errors.

Ensuring interoperability through open solutions is important to support health organisations to meet the strict requirements and follow the formal procedures for information transfer. Our system understands data and information across the solutions and serve as a technical platform for safe and efficient communication. 


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