Openness & transparency

Open EHR


We firmly believe in keeping the information open and transparent for the customer. Our EHR is based on the OpenEHR-standard, which allows for two level modelling where the customer is given full access to and control over the clinical information models. While keeping the information secure through strict authorization and access control mechanisms, DIPS EHR is a robust platform for safe, intelligent health information exchange

Mann som snakker

Modern EHR solutions typically entails decision support in the form of rules that creates warnings when users try to do something unusual. User experience as well as behavioural research tells us that while warnings are good when they are few and specific, they lose their power when they become numerous and broad.

DIPS Arena has a rule based warning system based on the open Guideline Definition Language, an extension of OpenEHR. But why stop there, we thought. When we asked the clinicians we got valuable input. What they wanted was a tool that would actually merge the EHR with the numerous written guidelines around.

By tagging written guidelines with standard terminology, DIPS Arena can immediately fetch relevant data and present the current patients data with the recommendation in the guidelines, making it easier to find out if the recommendation is actually relevant.

We also firmly believe that doctors should teach the system about medicine, not the other way around. Our decision support functionality therefore includes machine learning, enabling more intelligent and relevant warnings and advice over time.