Self-service terminals at the Olafia Clinic


The Olafia Clinic now has self-service terminals on which patients can answer questionnaires electronically. Oslo University Hospital is thereby the first hospital in Norway that lets patients themselves register information directly saved in their own patient records.

The Olafia Clinic is a medical centre that provides counselling, examinations and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. It is a low threshold part of the specialist health service, and has both a drop-in service and referral appointments.

Project Group at the Olafia Clinic
Head of unit Sindre Ringvik, Senior concultant Anne Olaug Olsen, office manager Salima El-Abdellaoui and nurse Odd-Arne Heidsær are satisfied with the new record system.


The Olafia Clinic is the first unit at Oslo University Hospital to have self-service terminals where the patients themselves can complete questionnaires electronically.

Previously, patients filled out a questionnaire on paper when they arrived at the clinic. They still answer the same questions – but now they do it electronically. Five separate terminals have been installed in the waiting room. They are screened off and there are filters on the screens to preventother people to read what you write. When patients arrive at the Olafia Clinic, they are given an anonymous bar code at the reception desk. They scan this on the self-service terminals and fill in the self-declaration form.

The registrations goes into the patients' records and form the basis for consultations with nurses and doctors.

We get a good starting point for the conversation with the patient, while patient safety remains completely attended to, says senior consultant Anne Olaug Olsen at the Olafia Clinic.

The self-service terminals have been well received by the patients. 

We don't get a lot of questions from patients about how they do the registrations. It's easy to fill in the form, and the questions are easily understood,' says office manager Salima El-Abdellaoui at the Olafia Clinic.

The patients can choose whether to register in Norwegian or English. People who don't want to use the terminals can register their information directly with the practitioner during the consultation.

Olafiaklinikken kiosk

The self-service terminals have been introduced together with the new patient record system, DIPS Arena. The employees of the Olafia Clinic have helped to adapt the new patient record system for the unit. Access to the Olafia Clinic's patient records will continue to be restricted in the new system and will be kept at the Olafia Clinic.

We are a unit with a high patient turnover who offers a drop-in service. This is a public health service. It was important to us that our people were involved in the project that worked on the introduction of the new patient record system. This means that the whole unit has made a contribution to the system now in place, says head of unit Sindre Ringvik at the Olafia Clinic. 

The solution is just what we wanted. A lot of ground-breaking work has been done, including on developing archetypes. This has greatly increased our options for reusing information within the system at the Olafia Clinic, says sub-project manager Ingrid Heitmann of the EPR project.


This article is originally from the webpages of Oslo University Hospital (in Norwegian).