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DIPS ASA is the leading supplier of eHealth systems to Norwegian hospitals. Our eHealth solutions spans from EHR and hospital information systems to laboratory systems and an advanced CPOE solution that can be plugged in to any 3rd party system. DIPS Arena is a fully integrated patient record system including closed loop medication, charting, booking and planning, electronic document workflow, CPOE, multimedia and reporting.

Over 80.000 users

DIPS ASA has contracts with three of Norway's four regional health trusts, including five of the six university hospitals in Norway. Our solutions has more than 80,000 professional daily users and is thus one of Norway's most used computer systems. Our solutions enable health care personnel to significantly rationalize their work, improve the quality of patient care and increase patient safety.

Key features

Clinical processes

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Clinical processes

  • Medical control on patient care
  • Patient safety in all stages
  • From symptom until the treatments is finished

DIPS EPR/PAS has many features and products for safe and functional hospital management such as:

  • Anesthesia System for anesthesia monitoring and procedures,
  • Intensive System for registering information for the treatment of intensive care patients and good and consistent reporting around this treatment. With NEMS / mechanical ventilation and SAPS.
  • Medical registration with diagnoses and procedures
  • Digital dictation and speech recognition
  • Imaging and integrations from endoskopi-, radiology, photographic and echo equipment
  • Infection Registration
  • Treatment plan and follow-up
  • Medication and e-prescriptions with clinical timeline / curve
  • Psychiatry, Childrens psychiatry and Drug abuse forms
  • Operations Theatre and Planning

DIPS EPR/PAS covers the clinical processes for planning of treatment, monitoring and assessment approaches and ensure that this is documented structured.

Patient administration

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Patient administration

  • Ongoing patient logistics
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Transparent settlement and reporting

DIPS EPR/PAS has functionality for efficient use and access to updated patient information. This helps to optimize the flow of patients through the hospital, from the incoming referral until the patient has finished the treatment in the hospital.

Patient Management is a comprehensive part of the system solution for hospitals and include:

  • Patient Information, patient demographic information, relatives
  • Referral Treatment
  • Timescheduling and booking of resources
  • Patient Reminder per SMS
  • Registration of incoming patients, reception, admission and transfer
  • Outpatient and Day care
  • Economy and settlement, billing and public reimbursement authority
  • Reporting module for internal and external reporting requirements, statistics, activity data and control data
  • Data quality, tracking and access control


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