DIPS Front Launched

On April 1st, DIPS acquired 30 new colleagues with cutting-edge expertise in the municipal sector. The new enterprise is called DIPS Front and constitutes one of several strategic steps for DIPS to develop solutions under the vision “One Citizen, One Record”.

DIPS Front første dag

– It feels a bit like having won the lottery and the jackpot at the same time, says CEO Hanne Kolflaath from DIPS Front with a big smile. Up until today, DIPS Front was called ACOS Levekår (ACOS Living Conditions). – We are celebrating the acquisition with a shared breakfast as new key cards and various DIPS effects are being handed out to the new colleagues, says Kolflaath.


Uniting Forces

ACOS Living Conditions was purchased by The DIPS Group just in time for Christmas last year, and the new enterprise was named DIPS Front.

Kolflaath can hardly imagine a better acquirer of the values that have been built over the last 20 years than precisely DIPS. She asserts that all colleagues are in on this journey.

She has agreed to head the development of this new field in DIPS, having led ACOS Living Conditions since 2011. She will also take part in the DIPS Executive Team.

According to Kolflaath, the two companies now uniting forces share the same philosophy and values. Similar ideas have guided their software development, and a focus on easy interaction with other systems has been maintained. In DIPS and DIPS Front alike, the in-house expertise is seen as the most important asset of the company. 

– Our employees are highly educated on the IT side as well as in the various professions for which we create our software. You will find nurses, child welfare educators and social workers in our staff. Several have Master’s Degrees in health informatics as well, says Kolflaath.



Municipal Reform First

With DIPS Arena as the main focus of DIPS these days, this year’s main mission for DIPS Front is to get their clients safely through the Municipal Reform. A number of their clients are dealing with municipal mergers that are going into effect at the turn of the year.

– It is important that we succeed with these two big tasks first. Soon after that, DIPS will begin to deliver on the official demands for solutions in the entire health sector, says Kolflaath.

DIPS plans to invest heavily in DIPS Front, and it is no secret that they will be recruiting actively in the time to come. They intend to attract even more clever heads to help develop tomorrow’s software across service levels in the Norwegian health sector.



Integrating DIPS and CosDoc

DIPS has already deployed a modern decision support system that is used by all doctors in Bergen municipality. We offer additional solutions allowing GPs and municipal doctors to request services directly from the hospital, seamlessly and without switching between systems. In the short term we intend to integrate these solutions with DIPS Front’s medical system, CosDoc, and thus improve the user experience as well as interactions within the health care system, says Kolbjørn Haarr, CEO of DIPS.

With the present acquisition, DIPS wants to signal that the company is taking steps to compete for a role in the municipal health service.

In close cooperation with both national and international players on the e-health market, the goal is to develop a patient-oriented, cost-effective and future-proof solution based on an open platform. In the long term, by extracting synergies from our large investment in DIPS Arena, we will be able to deliver a modern and forward-looking electronic patient record for the entire municipal health service that is seamlessly connected to the specialist health service, says Haarr.



High Ambitions

DIPS Front provides software for four different fields in the municipal sector: Nursing and care service, social service and child welfare service, plus a web based solution for Individual Plan (IP).

Most of the new division of DIPS is located at Straume, 16 kilometers from the Bergen city center. Those colleagues who had office in Oslo are moving in with the rest of DIPS Oslo in the Barcode quarter. Half of the DIPS Front staff works on product development as developers or testers. The rest of the team is working on delivery, implementation and support of DIPS Front’s solutions.

– Becoming part of a larger health network is exciting, and we have a desire to reach the national ambitions as set by the authorities. For our previous owners, it was important to sell to someone who wanted to invest further in the field. They have found that with DIPS, says Hanne Kolflaath.