Nordic eHealth Innovation

Electronic healthcare

The 'e' in eHealth is becoming an increasingly important factor addressing the society's and patients' requirements with respect to improving efficiency of health care. Within several areas, electronic solutions enhance the quality of care and patient safety, while reducing costs. eHealth is a description of the digital toolbox that streamlines and simplifies the whole healthcare system – from the doctor, the hospital director, nurse, manager, social security worker, patients, relatives and more.

A way of thinking

The concept eHealth is not only characterized as a technical development, but more a way of thinking. We believe it is an attitude and a global correction to improve healthcare both locally and globally. DIPS and our partners are contributing to creating this movement. We look at ourselves as a pioneer in eHealth. For close to three decades, DIPS has been delivering the central eHealth solutions for hospitals.

A pioneering country

Norway is in the forefront worldwide when it comes to healthcare, and we are one of the leading countries in the world on new technologies, skills and knowledge. We have a stringent legislation governing privacy protection, tough interoperability requirements from a publicly funded health service founding requirements for secure and reliable platforms. A challenging geography where patients often having to travel long distances to receive specialized healthcare really require a high quality, functional and safe system is a key to providing good health care to patients.

What is eHealth to DIPS?